In this blog post, I've excerpted a GChat wherein ANNA and I attempted to IM our way to The Truth:

ANNA: Ms. Mari, is there anything you wish you had done while you lived in New York?
MARI: YES. Improv class. Cooking class at ICE. Done the trapeze on the West Side Highway. Opera in the park. Jumped on a subway and gone to more crazy indie movies at Film Forum.
ANNA: Are those things you can't approximate in Boulder?
MARI: I could approximate it in a way that is comfortable to me--with friends, which is WONDERFUL and easy. What I can't approximate is the EDGE. The strangers in New York are way better than the strangers in Boulder.
ANNA: So basically what you're telling me is that I will regret/miss all of the things that I think I will. That is not what I wanted to hear!
MARI: Ha! Yeah. But ask me how many times a day I regret those things. The answer is less than once a day. But parts of New York are simply irreplaceable, and that's as it should be. I guess you could say that if I moved from Boulder to New York I could approximate hiking by going to the gym. But it would not be the same. Part of the meaning of New York is being a part of intransience. Part of the meaning of being in Boulder is being a part of permanence (like spending time in mountains that have been there for a million years).

ANNA: Ooh deep! I like that. And I bet some things are more fun as a tourist on a later visit…
MARI: I have to say, coming to New York as a tourist was amazing. I saw more plays, dance, etc. that week than I did in 6 months living in New York. I feel like it is the way grandparents talk about being grandparents: "unlike parenting, it's all of the fun with almost none of the responsibility!"

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