I was trolling the internet, doing searches for best cities to live, or best creative towns, etc... and I stumbled here.  I just joined this site in hopes of gaining some insight about places people end up after new york.

I have lived here in brooklyn for 8 years.  I am an architect/designer,   I am originally from new mexico, and also lived in portland oregon, and providence, RI. 

I live in cobble hill and I love my neighborhood.  I really love brooklyn actually.  However, I know I am ready to move on.  I am tired of high rent, not being able to save, cockroaches, stress, roommates, not being able to have a dog, apartment life, not having a garden, working for unsavory egomaniacs, noise, ambulances, did I say stress? 

I  have been ready to make a move for while now, with hopes for a better lifestyle and more affordable living but I am having such a hard time deciding where to move.  My hopes are to find a midsize city that can sustain a design career and has affordable housing, and nice weather... 

I don't know where this site will take me but i am hoping to hear some suggestions.  My current shortlist is: 

  • the bay area or la (both being too expensive but have been looking at surrounding areas.  suggestions?)
  • Austin (bit worried about the crazy heat in the summer)
  • Back to Portland (would be a no brainer if it weren't for the dang rain)
  • Albuquerque/Sante Fe (somehow feeling like I'd be going 'home', as in retreating)
  • X? 

I know there are great things about these cities so I don't mean to come off sounding cynical.  Moving used to be fairly easy for me, but I am at a stage where I want to really put down roots so it just feels like a lot of pressure.  I also know that there are things about brooklyn that I will miss immensely - like walking around the neighborhood and doing all my errands, seeing people that live in the area.  It's a simple pleasure, really. 


Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble. 

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Comment by Mari Brown on October 7, 2011 at 1:31pm

Hey Amy!

Nice to have you here. I haven't spent time in any of the cities you're looking at, but co-founder Anna Raddatz spent time in Austin--she will likely see this post soon or you can email her on the site. She ended up ditching Austin for Asheville. I'm in Boulder, and while it's a bubble, it's an amazing change of pace from NYC. The design jobs will not be as strong here as in NYC, of course, but I'd job-search and see what comes up for Boulder and for Denver (45 mins away). Good luck! 

Comment by Anna on October 11, 2011 at 8:17pm

Hi Amy,

As Mari mentioned, I spent a few months in Austin checking it out as a potential place to call home. In the end, I preferred Asheville for its smaller size (i.e. less traffic) and mountain scenery. But Austin had a lot of great stuff to offer. I do miss it sometimes. But like you, I'm unsure I could have dealt with the heat. We were there Nov-Feb, and the weather was gorgeous most of the time - definitely better than dreary NYC winters! But I didn't experience the crazy summer heat. We were told that you treat Austin summer the same way you would winter anywhere else - you just don't spend any time outside. Everyone stays in their air conditioned oasis, and they seem to get by just fine. The music, nightlife, food are all amazing - and I'm sure there are many firms where you could find work. Maybe visit for a couple weeks in July and make sure you can take the heat.

You might want to join the Bay Area and Austin groups to get specific feedback about those areas. I also love Portland, and would probably live there if the rain didn't make me so damn depressed...

[Also, just a note to say that I added a title to your post, since posts without titles tend to look funny in this system - feel free to change it if you like.]


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