The Laundromat Voters Have Spoken: Boulder Beats NYC

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Last Saturday night, I helped host a debate in a laundromat. The theme of the debate? Is there life after New York?, of course. We packed the Wash-O-Mat in The Community Shopping Plaza in Boulder, CO, with dozens of former New Yorkers and put the debate question to them: Is There Life After New York? Team Boulder (myself and Ted Rose) debated Team New York (Kate Lacroix and Emily Rubin) with moderator Laura Rich for quarters and glory. We had six topics (Sex & Dating, Unemployment, Karma, etc.) and each team had 2 minutes to make arguments, then 30 seconds to rebut. Our audience, seated atop washers and dryers, lifted green cards to vote for Boulder and black cards to vote for NYC. NYC definitely won on Diversity and Friday Night, but Boulder took Unemployment, Sex & Dating, Garbage & Recycling and a few others to win!

Check out this fun slideshow!

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