You're home for the holidays. At a neighborhood gathering, someone asks where you live. You say, “New York.” And they say, “City?” When you confirm, you can see on their faces how impressed they are.

And you love it.

You managed to get out of this dinky town and carve out a place for yourself in a city that’s mythologized, celebrated... important. Everyone must be so envious of your ambition and bravery...

You realize that you've begun to pity people who live anywhere else. While they're whiling away their meager lives in less important places, you're having the time of your life in THE CITY.

In some sense, you know it's disgusting and shameful to think this way. But after all, you're working hard to be in New York; this feeling of superiority is a badge of honor.

In exchange for paying exorbitant rent and stepping over rats in the subway, you're privy to the opportunity, diversity, culture, and craziness that only New York City can offer.

The best of everything is at your fingertips -- even if it isn't exactly yours.

As a result, you start to find it difficult to imagine living anywhere else. If New York is the best -- and if living there makes you the best -- how could you leave it for anywhere else?

But maybe this sense of superiority masks the fact that you’re not accomplishing everything you thought you would when you arrived in New York.

Or maybe it’s the only thing you have to hold onto when the city is treating you like shit.

Sometimes feeling superior is the only reward you get.

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Comment by Kotik on March 23, 2014 at 5:48am

If you make it New York, you can make it anywhere!


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