Is there an exodus from NY State?

This article from CBS New York claims there is:

Poll: 1 In 3 Young New Yorkers Plans To Move Out Of State

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Comment by Niki on June 26, 2011 at 5:16pm
Yes there is, I know so many people who have already left and more who are planning to.

Personally I can't wait to leave. After 12 yrs I am saying goodbye to NY. When I moved here I swore up and down that I was never leaving, but alas things have changed. Now, unless you are making deep into the six figures, the quality of life here is pretty awful compared to how most of us could be living elsewhere. I am leaving for so many reasons, just of few of those are as follows: because I am tired of waiting my life away for public transportation, I am tired of something that should be so simple and quick as driving to a store a few miles away to shop turning into an exhausting 2 to 3 hour ordeal due to traffic and parking. I want to buy a nice home that is in a nice neighborhood and not have to pay $2 million dollars to do so. I want to drive a nice car without having to paying $400 a month in car insurance plus another $200-400 for a garage space to park it in. I want to start a business and pay $2000 a month on a lease compared to the $15,000 a month it would cost me here in an area with the same stats. I would LOVE to be able to take a seat on the train, in a theater, cab, restaurant or even a doctor’s office and not have to worry about the seat being infested or the person next to me having bugs in their clothing or bags that will crawl over to me and become my new big problem. When it has become so ridiculously expensive that you become unable to take advantage on a regular basis of everything this city has to offer for culture, shopping, dining, etc., then there is really no point in living here. Yes, there are a few things I will miss, but not nearly enough to sacrifice the great life I could be living elsewhere, life is too damn short. NYC is no longer worth my time, my money, my sanity or my health. Arrivederci!

Comment by Louis N on October 24, 2011 at 10:42am
I felt like that too when I first left.  Now I'm a bit conflicted.  After living in the Seattle sub-urbs maybe it wasn't all that bad.   Now we have a child and find playmates in Seattle is very difficult.  Every time we bring him to a park in NYC we meet a load of other friendly parents.  I forgot how open and friendly New Yorkers are compared to the Pacific Northwest.    But there are plenty of things to like also.
Comment by Mari Brown on November 4, 2011 at 4:18pm
Interesting, Louis! (And Niki, I love that your posts ends with "Arrivederci!" -- something about the post reminds me of a diva exiting the stage singing an aria -- this is a compliment!) I'm surprised to hear about the lack of playmates for your little one in Seattle -- are the people boring or are they just not talking to each other? ;-)
Comment by Louis N on November 5, 2011 at 12:13am
People just don't congregate in public places here.  I imagine it must be like that many places.  I did find a suburban mall with a children's play area.  That was better.
Comment by Elizabeth Doren on April 18, 2012 at 1:04pm

Good luck to you, Niki wherever you are now.  Thanks for reminding me the reasons why I left my hometown of NY.  We tend to forget after we leave.  The mind is funny like that!  :).  By the way, this new "bedbug' prob which I did not even have to experience back when I lived there  is unbelievable.  Excuse me, but what the heck have they done to my hometown!!!!!  Did we not have enough problems?  Anyway, have a nice day!


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