My last two Friday nights have begun the same way--with a trip with my fiance to The Ritz costume shop to pick up a wig for a costume party. Two weeks ago, he found a Mick Jagger wig and I found an Edie Sedgwick-or-just-mod-girl one for an Andy Warhol Factory Party I threw with my friends to celebrate our shared birthdays. (We covered an entire room in silver mylar, another in aluminum foil, set up a "Screen Test" area, and had a live video feed between the various rooms. Epic.) This past Friday, it was a Standard Old Lady wig--gray curly crazy hair--for me, and Standard Old Hippie Man--gray Farrah Fawcett ish hair--for him, to complement our saggy outfits for a birthday party with the theme "60 is the new 30." (The birthday girl was turning 30 and asked everyone to dress as an old person.)

I've donned more wigs in a year in Boulder than I did in 9 in New York--kind of hard to believe. I love that people are so into costume parties here. I think it's because there's nothing to do. People have to get creative. And they GET creative. I've also dressed up as a mime and played a game called "Secret Stalker," instead of "Secret Santa," in this fair state of Colorado.

It's not that I didn't have fun in New York, but I definitely was not FORCED to be creative, and silly, and imaginative, in the way that I have been here. It's good. And I'm supporting the local economy. The wig store is making a LOT of money off me.

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Comment by Susan Kirby-Smith on February 16, 2010 at 4:28pm
wow, this is true also where I live. Since I've been here there's been a Factory Party, a Miami Vice Party, Surreal Ball...not to mention all the Mardi Gras and Halloween stuff. Whenever there's a chance, people get very creative with the costumes and festivities. Instead of just watching, you find yourself being the thing people watch a lot more than you would in NYC. I've been to more vintage stores and worn more costumes in the past year than I have in 10 years.
Comment by Mari Brown on February 17, 2010 at 10:28pm
susan--that is so funny! interesting phenomenon we've landed on. i love that you had a factory party too! who did you go as?


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