40 things I have learned since moving from NYC four years ago

some good, some bad.  Feel free to add your own in the comments

  1. Nothing is close and you have to drive everywhere
  2. I am the fastest walker in my new city
  3. When I go back to NYC I feel like I am walking in slow motion
  4. Mass Transit complaints are universal
  5. You have to go out and find what you love.  In NYC out of sheer volume, sooner or later what you love presents itself.   Other places you have to go look for it
  6. Being from NYC gives you some street credit….but only for so long
  7. NYC will always be there, but when you go back to visit the little things have changed
  8. Did you know that in places outside of NYC diners close? Some aren’t even open for dinner.
  9. When going out it is always best to choose who is drinking and who is driving BEFORE you leave the house
  10. You have to call a cab, there are none on the streets to hail
  11. There are great places to eat everywhere
  12. Root, root, root for your home team!  Unless they are playing your NY team
  13. You are the one with an accent
  14. I thought I hated cooking, turns out I only hated having a small kitchen
  15. If I encounter it, the smell of urine on the street is now shocking
  16. Everyone has a “I visited New York” story they want to tell you
  17. Order a bagel and you will get round bread doing a bagel impression
  18. Don’t compare your new city to NYC, it will not hold up well (unless it is SF, Paris, or London)
  19. I got into an argument with a bartender when they gave me $6 back from the $10 I gave them for a beer.  I was so sure they screwed up till I realized a beer outside of NYC can be $4
  20. I can’t find my bathroom without my gps
  21. Try to learn the names of the local roads, it will give you something to talk about at boring parties
  22. It no longer takes me hours to get into the countryside
  23. The lack of places that deliver is appalling
  24. I have not had to wait in line for a treadmill at a gym once
  25. After years of fixing things in the house, shoveling snow and raking leaves I understand the super in superintendent
  26. When people come visit go do the touristy things….your first few years you are a tourist
  27. No one will ever come visit
  28. Get to know your neighbors, not just their names
  29. Dealing with a house never ends
  30. Sirens are not supposed to be a normal part of life
  31. When you see a TV show that shoots in NYC you will get excited (explains why I watch Blue Bloods)
  32. When someone says “I could never live in NYC” try not to retort with “that’s cause your boring”
  33. Homeless people seem more homeless
  34. The touring company of a Broadway show is very close to the Broadway experience
  35. I am not panicked if I arrive at my airport with only an hour till my flight
  36. High school football makes the news
  37. There is something to not being able to hear your neighbors every move
  38. Things are cheaper
  39. I miss NYC terribly but life is what you make of it where you are
  40. There is no such thing as an ex-new Yorker, just people who have moved away

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