Two weeks ago, I wrote about my first post-NYC week. Now I've been out of New York for 3 weeks, and thought it might be a good time to update, revisit, take a snapshot, what-have-you...

I'm feeling a little stuck on what to write about because much of the novelty (warm weather! palm trees! so many tacos!) has already worn off. But I also haven't been here long enough to speak to any long-term post-NYC effects. But be that as it may, here's where things stand:

> I started volunteering at Ten Thousand Villages, a non-profit store that sells fair-trade goods from artisans around the world. And I'm really super excited about it because for years I've wanted to learn more about sustainable ways to support folk art/craft on an international scale. As a bonus, today I got to spend a couple hours helping design merchandise displays, which, frankly, rocked my world! Volunteering is something I never felt I had enough time (i.e. money) to do in New York, so I'm feeling really lucky that I get to do this here.

> Paying work is not quite so easy to come by; I've applied for a couple writing jobs, but won't know for a while if that will pan out. Trying to keep things cheap so I can live off some savings for a little while longer.

> I have to admit that every time I go downtown (which has been seldom) I get a little bummed out about Austin. While I'm able to appreciate the 'burbs for what they are (peace and quiet!), I still want my downtown to be a happening place, and most of the time it's just not.

> As mentioned in a previous post, I'm still getting my bearings on this whole driving thing, but have felt a bit more comfortable with it in the past couple days. Next step: parallel parking! Ugh.

> My parents are coming for an early Thanksgiving visit this weekend; I'm interested to get their take and see what it's like to show them around a place that I don't know that well myself. But it seems like it will be much less stressful than having visitors in NYC, because there's less expectation to show off "the sights" and do all the exhausting tourist stuff.

I guess the final thing to address is, after 3 weeks away, do I miss New York? No. But I still don't feel like I'm home yet, either.

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Comment by Adit Nathan on November 19, 2009 at 9:57am
I just thought about something while I was reading this post. We've lived sort of lived in all the same states, but backwards. I guess I'm kinda counting Ohio since I spend like so much time visiting there, but isn't that weird?
Comment by Anna on November 19, 2009 at 10:54am
So WA, OH, NY, TX... that is pretty crazy! We're reverse stalking each other (don't tell Amy).
Comment by Susan Kirby-Smith on November 24, 2009 at 8:01pm
UT Austin has one of the best (most prestigious and well-funded) graduate writing programs in the nation. I'm curious to know if you'll find some cool readings to see or just meet some literary-minded folk....My guess is they have an open reading series somewhere. I also can't wait for you to go to your first "suburban" party. Have fun!
Comment by John Ou on May 30, 2011 at 10:14pm

I'm a Wall Street bond trader and going to be moving to Austin and still trading there.  The timeline is sometime between the next one and five years, since I'm at a new firm, and so the desk needs to be built.

I loved NY when I first moved here in 2004, but I'm done with it.  I don't understand how I can make a mid-six-figure income and still feel like I'm treading water.

I looked at some Austin real estate and am amazed by how much I can buy for so little.  It's a city with a killer music scene and some really great people (I've visited there many times, and my brother lives there), and best of all, there's NO state income tax!


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