It's been about a week since I left NYC - 4 days of travel and 4 days in Austin. Seems like a good time to do some summarizing.

I'm happy to report that so far... I've survived! There were some flutters of panic early on, but now that we're settling in Austin, I'm feeling really good about the change. And I feel almost guilty when I say it, but: I don't miss NYC at all. As I wrote to a friend this week, "we are eating well, admiring the diverse plant life, and in awe of the comforts of America." Those last two are hard to do in New York.

I'd only visited Austin once before, a couple years ago, for 3 days. At that time, I wasn't impressed. It was another example of making the Times Square mistake of judging a whole town by only a small portion of it. After those 3 days, when I only saw downtown, I didn't understand why everyone was so excited about Austin. But this time, after only 4 days in a cozy neighborhood, I get it.

Here's what I "get" so far (specifics on each to come later):
1. the weather
2. the plants
3. the slower pace
4. the food
5. the people
6. the convenience
7. the size of the city
8. the number of things to do
9. the inexpensiveness!
10. oh, and did I mention the weather?

The strange thing is, both J and I have been exhausted every night, ready to turn in around 9:30. We can't really figure out why - decompression from NYC? the invisible stress of being somewhere new? In any case, I'm hoping this weekend we can fully rest up and go out to enjoy some of Austin's finest past-times - Alamo Draft House? Barton Springs? Bat watching? Up-scale bowling? Will update next week...

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Comment by Mari Brown on November 7, 2009 at 10:05pm
I am dying to hear about bat-watching! Yes! Do it!


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