In July, 2010 I wrote a post about Asheville, my new hometown. And recently a reader asked how things were going, so it seems like a good time for an update.

We landed in Asheville in March 2010 - and a lot has happened in nearly 2 years!

Spring 2010
: Justin and I got engaged!

Summer 2010
: We rented a house, planted a garden, learned about poison ivy and slugs, and I started my job at a local non-profit.

Fall 2010
: We went out with a real estate agent to learn about the market - and fell in love with a house on day one. So... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! We went back to NYC, gathered our meager belongings from storage, brought them back to Asheville, and practiced saying "home-owner."

Discovered giant crickets and mouse traps in the scary basement, so WE GOT A CAT!

Winter 2010-11
: My parents moved here after hearing our glowing reviews! And we realized how expensive it is to heat a drafty, 1920s house in record-breaking winter weather - ouch.

Spring-Summer 2011
: We planned our wedding. Then we planned some more - and some more - ad nauseum! When we weren't planning, we were tending our vegetable garden, grilling on the deck, or just generally pinching ourselves that we get to live in such a beautiful place.

I also made a quick trip back to NYC for my bachelorette party. Had an awesome time there, and loved being back in the energy - but getting from LaGuardia to Williamsburg via bus and train with a suitcase was enough to remind me why I moved.

Fall 2011
: WE GOT MARRIED! 80 of our dearest family and friends flew into Asheville from all over the country to watch us get married, meet our new home, and experience this lovely town. It was incredible.

Winter 2011-12
: With the wedding out of the way, we now have time to develop our hobbies - Justin is brewing beer, I've started yet another blog (AshevilleCrafts) - and to be more social with the new friends we've made. We are also gearing up to do a lot of little home projects - room painting, etc. - as well as more major repairs that we'll have to contract out.

Pretty crazy, right?

While the vast majority of our experiences here have been positive, two things I was not entirely prepared for (other than what a shit-show it is to plan a wedding - gah!) are:

  • Houses are a lot of work: Granted, we bought an old house. But I'm surprised at the amount of maintenance and money it takes. Likewise, owning property that requires mowing, pruning, raking, etc. can be pretty overwhelming.
  • Cars are a pain in the ass: We moved here with one car, and it has broken down many times, and we have had to put a lot of money into it. To the point where we actually bought a 2nd car so at least we'd always have a back-up. And it's been difficult talking to mechanics when I know absolutely nothing about cars. Big learning curve here.

In the end, I have new respect for non city-dwelling folks. When I lived in NYC, I sort of assumed that having a house and cars and pets and whatever was easier than gritty city living. It may be more convenient, but it's not necessarily easier. It actually takes a whole lot of effort to be a fully functioning adult in the "real world" and has been a major learning experience.

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Comment by stormgal on March 15, 2012 at 10:58pm

awesome post!  Congrats on your wedding, Anna :-)

Comment by Elizabeth Doren on April 18, 2012 at 10:09pm

Completely agree, I learned hard work through suburban home life outside of NY :)  Lately, since social media, I have been taking it easy,  trying to preserve here... :):) 

Best wishes to you!  You sound like a lovely couple.


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