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Have taken the first step...

Well guys, I have finally succeeded in taking the first step to leave NYC.  I do this with a bit of sadness but excitement at the same time:    Last year, I had applied for permanent residency in Australia, and just yesterday evening, after massive paperwork, health and police checks, I was approved and received the grant!  I am now the equivalent of a US "green card" holder (this is so funny - what me, a green card holder? lol).  Anyway, I still can't believe that my application was…


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Leaving NYC but then running back

I have a friend who left NYC to go back down south because as she said, "it's just time to leave and find better things".  So she quit a very good job she had and left to live in Louisiana.  Well, can you believe that it hasn't even been 1/2 a year and I heard that she's back in NYC?  She claims to have missed not only the city life, but her friend whom she shared an apartment with.   She's now looking for a job.

Three of my aunts - after having lived in NYC all of of their…


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We've all thought about leaving NYC, but have you ever thought about....

...leaving the entire country?

At the moment, I feel as if I need a big change in my life. But I have a very good job - even in this…


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