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This reminds me why I moved to NYC to begin with (Before I left)

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40 things I have learned since moving from NYC four years ago

some good, some bad.  Feel free to add your own in the comments

  1. Nothing is close and you have to drive everywhere
  2. I am the fastest walker in my new city
  3. When I go back to NYC I feel like I am walking in slow motion
  4. Mass Transit complaints are universal
  5. You have to go out and find what you love.  In NYC out of sheer volume, sooner or later what you love presents itself.   Other places you have to go look for it
  6. Being from NYC gives you…

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Great Gifts for Ex-New Yorkers

Hi Everyone,

I am an ex-new yorker (lives IN Boston) and have contributed a bunch of my thoughts to this site.  If you miss NYC as much as me (or know someone who does) you may be interested in my new photography business.

Basically, give us a location in NYC (your favorite bar, apartment building, bench in Central Park) and we will take photos of it. You will see 5-10 photos (we always take one of the…


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Things I have learned after moving from NYC

Now that I have been out of NYC for almost three years, I thought I would write a follow up to my last post. Some good things, some bad.  Feel free to add whatever you think I am missing, this is a work in progress.

  1. Never compare your current city to NYC.  It just isn’t fair.
  2. Being an ex-New Yorker, by default makes you the fastest walker.
  3. Other cities sleep.  I never knew that some diners aren’t open 24 hours.  Some are only open for…

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What I learned while living in NYC

I wrote and emailed this to my friends a few days after I moved from NYC to Boston.  Since then I have added to it in a sperate thread (on Facebook, but with the new timeline it is gone).  THought you may enjoy it, feel free to add stuff.



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How do you keep up with news from NYC?

After 15 years living in Manhattan I moved to Boston (two years ago)...yet I still find myself wondering what is going on in the big city.  When I first moved I had a subscription to the New Yorker, but found that I would read the cartoon's and little else.

I watch my Facebook stream constantly to find out what is going…


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