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Facebook: New York without the wear-and-tear

A week after I moved to Boulder, I joined Facebook. I quickly became obsessed. I was on it all the time. People told me I was keeping in better touch with them now that I was 5000 miles away. I'm now at 530+ friends, and my FB activity goes in waves. Sometimes I post 4 times a day (today was one of those days; I must be procrastinating a deadline), and sometimes weeks go by without a peep from me. But the best part of Facebook is that my life in… Continue

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Where's The Edge?

In this blog post, I've excerpted a GChat wherein ANNA and I attempted to IM our way to The Truth:

ANNA: Ms. Mari, is there anything you wish you had done while you lived in New York?

MARI: YES. Improv class. Cooking class at ICE. Done the trapeze on the West Side Highway. Opera in the park. Jumped on a subway and gone to more crazy indie movies at Film Forum.

ANNA: Are those things you can't approximate in… Continue

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Was It Ever Thus?

I had dinner with a friend last night. When I told her of my plans to leave New York this fall, she said something very interesting:

"I never got the sense that you ever really liked living here."

And you know what? I think she's right! When I look back on my time here, I recognize that the first couple years I was miserable, and then at some point after that I sort of hit my stride and got used to it, made friends, etc. And now I'm just sort of... done.

But… Continue

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Boulder vs. NYC

Hi, my name is Mari, and I did it. I left New York. Last March, after a painful breakup, I put nine years of my New York life--aka my twenties--in a questionable storage unit on Flatbush Ave and boarded a plane to Colorado. I planned to stay for a month. That was a year ago.

Like most people going through a breakup in NYC, I was at loose ends in terms of emotions and real estate. Friends offered their couches, their spare bedrooms,… Continue

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