Hi All! 

I have lived in NYC for eight years since I came here for college, and I have a love hate relationship with it that is holding me back from pursuing a better quality of life. I love Brooklyn & sketchy neighborhood amazing brownstone, and the walkability and shops and amazing food. Nonetheless, I can't save money here! Too many friends, festivals, and restaurants. I can telecommute from anywhere I move and keep my job (although give up most promotions) but i have NO idea where to start. 

My boyfriend and I have slowly been visiting other cities, such as San Diego, Portland, OR, Seattle, Portland, ME, and Phoenix, while visiting family and sizing them up. I have no strong feelings to move to these places, but enjoy them all. 


My question: How did you decide where to move? Was it based on a job, family, or sporadic idea. Did you visit first? If so, how many times.  How does your new city size up to NY/Brooklyn?

I would just like a little guidance to these endless possibilities floating around!

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Hi Anna! Still in New York :) I am actually looking forward to the summer here. I went to Austin this month as it was on the top of my 'maybe' list, and I really liked it, but I am not making any major moves in leaving Brooklyn at the moment. I am going to wait to see where my career takes me - if a job leads to me a new city, then that is where I will go! I plan to let my job make the decision for me for the next few years. 


Glad to hear you're content with where you are - both geographically and professionally!


You can't take someone else's journey. I don't mean to sound zen and vague, but really, this is one of those lifequestions that you have to sit down and do all the data crunching on your own. For instance, do you expect to have children? Will you need them to go to public school? Do you want them to have a backyard to play in? Do you like gardening? The beach? etc.

But if it helps. My basic plan at this point:

I've got a departure date of 3 years from now. I have my list of what I must have: a garden, a plot of land. I have my "likes": I'd like a small pond. I'd like there to be some wildlife in the area: frogs, deer, raccoons, etc. I don't want neighbors. I don't want to be 300 miles from the nearest major city though.

I know the kind of place I'm looking for. But it's going to be (in theory) the last move I will make. I'm 45. I have no interest in moving over and over. So I have my deadline and every week, I take about an hour to research. The easiest thing is to eliminate the largest portions you can first. For instance, I do not want to live in a metro area ANYWHERE. Once you start searching only in places with small population centers, you really do trim away a lot of the work.

So figure out what the biggest filters are, and apply them. You may end up finding that you don't really have to do any deciding after all because you'll be left with so few choices the right one will be obvious.

Best of luck.

You answered your own question "...it based on a job, family, or sporadic idea..."


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