Hi All! 

I have lived in NYC for eight years since I came here for college, and I have a love hate relationship with it that is holding me back from pursuing a better quality of life. I love Brooklyn & sketchy neighborhood amazing brownstone, and the walkability and shops and amazing food. Nonetheless, I can't save money here! Too many friends, festivals, and restaurants. I can telecommute from anywhere I move and keep my job (although give up most promotions) but i have NO idea where to start. 

My boyfriend and I have slowly been visiting other cities, such as San Diego, Portland, OR, Seattle, Portland, ME, and Phoenix, while visiting family and sizing them up. I have no strong feelings to move to these places, but enjoy them all. 


My question: How did you decide where to move? Was it based on a job, family, or sporadic idea. Did you visit first? If so, how many times.  How does your new city size up to NY/Brooklyn?

I would just like a little guidance to these endless possibilities floating around!

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i share a lot of your love/hate with NYC. i moved here in 2004 for work and i work on wall street as a bond trader. as far as lifestyle goes, i had a nice run and was able to live very comfortably, but the frustration was that even making mid six figures, it is very easy to not save much here. i came to the realization that i could be sitting in the same place five years later with no real improvement in financial condition and no real sense of moving forward.

relationships are hard here (everyone seems to be only as faithful as his or her options, as comedian chris rock says), and it is a tough, expensive lifestyle.

i am going to relocate to austin, TX, in the 18 months. here's why i love it:

- i can still trade out of that location with my current firm.

- there is no state income tax.

- austin is a hip, relatively young city that is fairly liberal and unlike the rest of texas.

- incredible and cheap food, especially if you like BBQ and tex-mex.

- housing is less than 50% of that in manhattan.

- i can buy a 3200 sq ft house, 4 beds, 4 baths, 3-car garage for about 350k.

- lots of hot girls.

- killer live music scene and two large annual music festivals.

- fastest growing population in austin is asian, so there is ethnic diversity.

- it is a technology hub with companies like dell calling round rock (just north of austin) home.

- UT is one of the best schools in the nation.

- lots of people from other states migrating to austin.

- good economic outlook for housing prices as demand to move to austin increases.

need i say more?

i can make the same money in NYC but instantly feel like i just doubled my compensation. i would have a house and a nice car in the driveway.

john ou
Check out Anna Raddatz's blog posts for her journey! Also, I highly recommend Boulder!
Brittany - I share your dilemma. In the past 2 years I have visited Chicago, Boston, Philly, LA, San Francisco and Seattle. I could maybe see myself in Seattle or Chicago. But I still don't know how to choose. All I know is I need a reprieve from NY. John, what is Austin like as far as the overall vibe there as it compares to NYC? Does it feel southern? I am thinking of checking out Austin soon...

Hey T, just wanted to check in and see what you've decided to do! Are you still in New York?

Hi Brittany,
I've been in the same position for over a year now. It is becoming more procrastination than anything lately but am still unable to firmly make a decision on where to make the leap to. 

My criteria has been trying to visit other cities (as I did SF and Portland, OR), looking through travel books/websites/videos, and googling articles on what cities seem to be doing well (as i've been having a rough time finding work). I also try and network through Facebook and once in awhile make an (sometimes, awkward) reach out to someone who is living elsewhere and haven't spoken to in some time. Out of the people I know that left NY, they have relocated to cities like Raleigh and Charlotte, NC, Syracuse/Buffalo NY, L.A. and some scattered here and there in the midwest.

I'm curious to know how you're doing and if you have left, how you went about making a final decision?


me too, brittany! what happened? ;-)

Christian - have you had any luck in narrowing your search?

hey Anna. i've done a bit of traveling around the states since that last post and actually gave my landlord 30 days notice today! I plan on making a blog post soon about my next step leaving NYC. i'm pretty excited (and nervous) to embark on this much-needed next chapter of my life! hope NC is treating you well.

Wow, congratulations! That's so exciting! Looking forward to your post about your decision and plans.

Hey Christian - it's been 6 months since we last heard from you - where are you now?

Well, as for an update. I haven't left Brooklyn! My boyfriend got a job in the field he has been trying to get into, so we made a 1 year commitment to that job for him. In the meantime... My parents made me come to the realization that I was trying to find a 'new new york' or new brooklyn.. I should probably appreciate my time here! So for this year, I am going to enjoy it while I can, but we are still thinking of a place to settle down roots. I plan on visiting california again this summer, and we are going to seattle again next august. I feel a lot better knowing that I wil probably leave the city but it should come more naturally then me desperately hunting down a new city!


Brittany - I'm curious what you're up to these days! Any new developments? Still planning to stay in New York for a while?


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