1. Can anyone comment on moving to Canada?

2. Are there any places (U.S. or Canada) that the hipsters haven't destroyed? (I mean that quite seriously. I could write volumes about how much of Brooklyn's wonderfulness has been obliterated by hipsters living here on mommy and daddy's money.)

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1. Visited Canada 4 years ago. Clean cities, super nice food, polite people, very high taxes in comparison with ours, more stability though during economic tribulations. Find blogs and ask those who have moved there from NYC or elsewhere. All depends on personal experience.

2. Well, while I'm not a hipster by a definition, I think that people go where there are opportunities for them. Sure, it leads to price hikes because of the demand. But the hipster's sub-culture is everywhere now. I can't get good loose jeans, they sell it very narrow, called "slim" and "slim" shirts and tee-shirts, not much regular, OK, stop complaining.....


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