In honor of Valentine's Day (belated)... check out this piece from the NY Post about women who leave the city in pursuit of greener dating pastures.

Has anyone else had better luck in love outside NYC?

Or is anyone considering leaving for similar reasons?

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I can't say I haven't thought about this... I find it extremely hard to meet men in NYC. Since moving here for undergrad in 2005, I have had a total of one quasi-serious relationship. For awhile, I felt like I was at least getting asked out on dates (most of them pretty horrific, truth be told) but now it seems like even that has slowed down... I don't want to say it's easier elsewhere, because I'm sure it isn't, but it seems like it has to be. Right?

I read this article in the NY post and I totally agree with it as well as the comment from Maggie.  I think dating here is more challening then anwhere else.  For people who want to have a casual affair, there's more options.  I think guys, in particular, like to keep their options open.  They don't want to be in a committed relationship because there's another beautiful woman around the corner.  (I'm not saying this is true for all men, but there's a large percentage that fit this bill.)  But whether you're gay, straight, or bi, I think there's high barriers to entering a relationship in NYC. 


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