Were you able to get fit--get organized--get healthy only when you got the hell outta New York? What personal goal was easiest to achieve once you left? Tell us why you couldn't do it while in the 5 boroughs.

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That guy in that picture always gave me the creeps.
Hmmm...not much action on this yet! Well, I've got an answer--YES! I have made more progress on my New Year's Resolutions since leaving New York than I was ever able to achieve while living within the confines of the 5 boroughs. For as long as I can remember, like many of you, my list of New Year's Resolutions has always included "get fit." This year, with the help of my extraordinary partner, who also left NYC, we made joint resolutions to go to Cross Fit three times a week. This phenomenal exercise program has me lifting, pressing, jumping, and squatting more than I ever thought possible. I was never able to really focus and go for an exercise regimen while in NYC--something was always better and more exciting than exercise. A little bit of Boulder boredom propelled me to the gym, it's true, but I'm so glad it did.
To be more focused on my work goals. Funny that I left a city where people solely define themselves by what they do, but I was not competitive, aggressive, or assertive when I was in NYC when it came to work.
This is so interesting. I have a hunch this might be fairly common - that people flit around from job to job in NYC, trying desperately to make ends meet, but then when they leave they have more energy to focus on their career, or to figure out what they really want to be doing. At least, that what I selfishly hope! In what way(s) do you find yourself being more focused and assertive now?


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