Hi all,
I'm new to the site and am loving the idea of having folks to talk to about this (other than my wife!). Long story short, we've been trying to leave the city for years now and it just keeps sucking us back in. It's such a love/hate relationship--more on the love side--but since we have a little daughter now, our priorities have shifted. Our biggest hesitation about leaving NYC has been finding equivalent jobs elsewhere...or jobs even in our industry. We don't really want to do a lateral move to another big city but instead want something smaller and with a better quality of life. Of course that means we have to sacrifice and won't have the same job opportunities, but we've accepted that.

All that said, I'm wondering if anyone else has suggestions when it comes to finding other cities with jobs that could suit us. We both work for an interactive agencies, specifically in the client services and marketing disciplines.My research has uncovered a wide range of cities that may be good--from Portland, OR to Portland, ME--so I thought I'd open it up to you all.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, recommendations, etc?

Thanks much!!

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Have you considered Austin or Boulder? I don't know much about that industry, but both of those cities seem to have a lot of techy/webby stuff going on... What other cities are on your list?
Hi Anna, thanks for your reply. It's funny you should mention Austin, as it's come up quite a few times. I only started considering it as of this week, in fact! I'll continue to check it out, but I fear the weather might be the factor that keeps me away. I HATE the heat and humidity (although I'm dealing with in during this hot summer in NYC!).

As for other places, we were exploring places like Raleigh, NC (Research Triangle in general), Washington D.C. or surrounding areas, and Charlottesville, VA (doubtful that's still a contender). We really loved Seattle and Portland, OR, but west coast is really just a bit too far for us as most of our family is in and around the east coast. California has always been a dream too, but unemployment is killer and, again, the distance.

I think we'll keep looking at Austin and D.C. for now. Any other ideas?
I spent this past winter in Austin (you can check out my blog posts for a bit about my city search). Can't speak to the summer heat, but I know it's not humid - just really super don't-leave-your-house hot.

I just moved to Asheville, NC - no jobs here! But Raleigh seems to be a popular place to be. Have you visited?
Hi AJ,

The only think I can think to tell you is that here in Seattle everything moves through the staffing agencies. I'm a Designer and I believe most jobs are found either through AIGA meet and greets or just registering with one of the staffing agencies with a relationship with the software/web companies in town. If you were looking at Seattle (or Portland) most people seem to have luck with Filter, Sakson & Taylor, Creative Circle or Aquent.


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