Fashion Week at Is There Life After New York:
How did NYC change your personal style?
What bad fashion trends do you see in your new place?

NOTE: As hot as this girl is, she is wearing a fanny pack.

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Didja visit Uniqlo in Soho?? LOVE that place. it's what I hoped American Apparel would be.
i think moving to nyc helped me actually find and define a personal style. i was young and had no fashion sense when i moved to nyc. i looked around and saw all these well dressed women but saw too that there was no one style. it seemed to me that there were obvious trends that ran their way through the streets and some were great and some were irritating and i bought into some but mostly i found what i liked to wear. growing up in oswego, ny i had 3 options really, full prep, stoner hippy, or punk rock skater bitch. i was a fright. coming to nyc i found a plentitude of stores, resources and actually ended up writing copy for an online fashion website at one point and a personal shopper. if you saw me and how i dress you would find this funny because while fairly fashionable i am in no way a fashionista (as much as i wish i was). so there's that and as for now, i live in rochester and while i thought i used to see some serious fashion faux pas in my old neighborhood of Astoria - specifically on Steinway street- the stuff i see up here, well, let's just say this: The capri pant. For the love of all things holy in this world put the capri pant down already. if i could choose one thing to crusade about up here, it would definitely be the capri pant. i hate those GD things, with the white hot heat of a thousand suns i hate the capri pant. mostly up here, i see what the trend was anywhere from 1-6 years ago. which makes me feel itchy. but that's ok. it's upstate, it's not supposed to be fashion forward.
Am in love with your hate of the Capri pant
Hot topic alert! Everyone loves talkin fashion.

Seattle sucks mostly for clothing. Here's the rundown of what brands you need in your closet if you're a true Seattlite: REI, Eddie Bauer, Columbia, North Face, Patagonia, Teva, Keen, Birkenstock. That's it.

Then there's the hipster neighborhoods where all you need is a pair of skinny jeans and a bandanna (and a fixed gear bike of course).
My first impressions of Austin fashion are as follows: UT student girls wear long, straight ponytails and little sporty shorts everywhere; hipster girls wear shirt dresses and boots (lots of boots); and there's a substantial hippie population that has dreads and those plug-through-your-earlobe earring things and lots of tattoos. For the most part, people seem to dress fairly normally and, I would say, somewhat better than most of the US. And even though there are lots of stores selling it, haven't seen many people wearing "western wear" (thank god).
what is up with those plug through your earlobe earring things? they are infecting boulder too. i feel like they have been around since i was 2 years old, but are they making a comeback? or do i just hate them more now?
I think it's because we didn't see them in New York, so it seems like they went away. But they were just multiplying in our absence...
It's mostly about the shoes. In New York, where everyone is clad head to toe in black, the shoes are the outfit. If they looked good and did not cause my feet to bleed, I wore them. Then I moved to San Francisco—to the top of a very high, very steep hill—and my footwear choice became a matter of life or death. Wearing platforms out of the house could land me in a mangled heap at the corner of Taylor and Columbus. Catching a heel in the cable car track could get me mowed down by a trolley full of tourists. So flats it is. The men seem much taller here.
I'm new member and immediately gravitated to this topic.  I'm almost 11 months out of New York and have settled (temporarily) in the Philippines and I have to say that I never realized how New York has changed my fashion sense that I am literally standing out (good or bad) in the local crowd.  There is a rebel in me that hates to change her fashion sense-- I feel that I bring the city I love the most with me wherever I go in the way I dress--

How many of you had to add more color into your wardrobe?  My wardrobe in NYC was mostly a sea of navy, black and gray.  Perhaps to match my mood?  lol.

Now, I have been having fun introducing pops of color into my wardrobe with a NY sense of style. 

so true! i have added color. also added WHITE. because now i have a tan because i live in the mountains and actually see the sun every once in awhile! 

I have, too! I always wore black and gray in NYC - lots of solids. And now I have bright sweaters (pink! electric blue!), splashy, patterned scarves (that have lots of different colors in one place - whoa), and even RED SHOES. what?? It's so much more fun!

Thought I also wonder if it's not just where I'm living, but that I'm less self-conscious about what I wear because I have a new social scene and colleagues here that aren't used to see me wearing specific things.


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